Thursday, March 11, 2010

So, I feel like it's been a boring week but at the same time, not so much.

*Took the husband to the doctor on Tuesday for workup and a checkup. They told him the three medications his psychiatrist has him on ALL turn off the "full" cue to the brain and you just eat and eat and eat, so that's why he's gained more than 30 pounds in 6 months (and recommended we get a second opinion with a different psychiatrist). They still aren't sure why he's bruising/bleeding more easily, so they did some blood work (and I should call tomorrow for the results ... oooooo). He took himself off the one medication we suspect is causing it and IS causing major fatigue, and his bleeding problems are going away. *sigh* They also told him he needs to avoid second helpings so he can try and lose some of the weight. Silly husband decided he needed to do a colon cleanse and is on a juice fast for a while. He feels better and is having less fluid retention in the 36 hours since he started it, which means he's not having to take another medication. Maybe he's not so silly after all.

*I had an OB visit Wednesday. I only gained two pounds this month (the husband was ticked about that -- I ate 2 boxes of girl scout cookies! haha), and they did the 1-hour glucose check. They didn't call back today and said they only call if it's abnormal, so I'm assuming I'm fine. They did tell me that if we decide to road trip before the baby is born, we have to stop every 90 minutes so I can get out and walk.

*That last bit of information essentially canceled our trip to see my folks and brother/family because there is no way our toddler will last on a trip that long.

*We are planning a mini vacation to St. George instead (much closer), because the husband has the time off work and we haven't done a family vacation since ... ever. We did go camping one night when Small Fry was here 3 years ago, but I think that's it. Any suggestions or ideas on good places to visit in St. George or the area are welcome.

*The loan modification people ... They sent me to collections two weeks into the modify, when I wasn't even aware that a payment would be due 2+ weeks later (meaning I wasn't even behind yet!), and the guy was a complete and total jerk. The husband wanted to do him bodily harm. They recorded phone calls between him and me, but didn't tell me they were doing so, and listened to them after I told them I was done with them. His manager called, agreed he was terribly rude to me, said the husband wasn't the only one who wanted to hurt that collector, but stood up for him saying he's very good at his job ... and still tried to get more money out of me when I told the salesperson from the beginning that I couldn't afford to pay them any more than the initial payment until after it had gone through! ugh. We are so beyond done. I need to call the manager back tomorrow and let him know for sure we won't be continuing the process. The bank holding our mortgage has refused to refinance us twice and was making the modify quite difficult anyway, and we haven't ever been able to sell the place, sooooo ... This means we'll be moving in about 5 months. With a new baby. Awesome. I actually feel at peace about it all now.

*Even in the midst of financial problems, we are getting blessings here and there, which make it all more bearable. Free cloth diapers, loves from anonymous people, my talents as a seamstress improving much more better (though my grammar sucks), the kids eating more fruits and healthier foods, the house getting cleaner and cleaned more frequently (though right now it looks like a cyclone hit it!) ... things are going well overall, just the mortgage thing is really the problem right now.

Now, if only Little Mister would go to nursery at church on Sundays ...

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Kristina P. said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I am glad you have some little blessings here and there.

I really hope you can come to my lunch!