Sunday, March 7, 2010

This weekend's projects

I failed miserably at completing my planned project last month (the wedding quilt). But I made a lot of diapers and have progressed with things we need for the baby, sooooo, I'm okay with that. For now.

This weekend, I had to "make" Kiddo a 1970s themed costume for her school program this week. 1970s is the only instruction we were given, aside from "bell bottoms." That just is such a vague description -- the 70s covered hippy styles to disco. Alas, I decided she could wear a white shirt with some jeans she had that were too tight and too short, converted to bell bottoms by yours truly.


I added appliques (made from fleece) over the holes she'd ripped in them. I had to take off the hem because it was worn out, added triangles of fabric on the outsides of the legs, and created cuffs of matching fabric. Total cost for this costume: $0. I had everything on hand. It took about an hour with the sewing machine to do it, and it was a semi-fun project! lol


And I didn't have a ton of work last night, so I made this little nightgown for my neighbor who just had a baby boy. I have a few more planned for MY baby, but had to get the pants done tonight, so that is what I did.


musicmom said...

Cute Cute, as always! Great job.

stewbert said...

thanks so much! :)

kadyb said...

cute pants! cute nightgown! good work!!