Thursday, January 15, 2009

Um ... yeah.

I started a new blog and started participating in another one. Both are all about food and links are to the left. Thus, while you might see a menu plan Monday here from me every week, I won't drone on about how disgusting or enjoyable it was on *this* blog. Just the food ones. Treen started weneedmangoes/wannabe foodies, and because I wax ad nauseum about being dairy free and most of the recipes contributed (except mine) thus far are all full of dairy, I started the other one so I don't feel out of place... *snort*


I woke up this morning to hubby handing me a check. From work. A "bonus" of sorts. It allowed us to complete baby step 1 of the Total Money Makeover, catch up on some stuff, and make a trip to Costco that I've been putting off. Wahoo. The goal this month is to send triple this month's minimum to the hospickle.

I'd better get to work. Bambino is alternately puking and pooping and whining and sometimes two at once, so I'd better get something done while he's sleeping even though I just want to run a bubble bath and ignore everyone.


evitafjord said...

I read a couple of those over there too. I should update my list I guess. It mostly has people I really know (or have internet-known since before Josh was born). Do you usually read off your list or out of something like Google Reader?

stewbert said...

I use google reader.

evitafjord said...

Is it giving you crap the last couple of weeks or does it just hate me?

(Captcha: phineo - Phineo and Ferb ahahahaha)

stewbert said...


Um, I haven't noticed crap. lol

evitafjord said...

Dang it. I bet it's because He Who Must Not Be Named updated to the newest IE. Have you done that? I don't think it is acting up on my work computer. Hmmm.

(darie - My blog is kind of like my da'rie in which I write about my adventures on the darie farm and my big darie air. Ooops, sorry, no darie for you.)

stewbert said...

Nope. Still using Firefox. Probably won't switch back.

lol. you're punny. :P

Rockelle said...

dave ramsy fan are you?

stewbert said...

A bit. Not hard core.