Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awww, sweet husband

He came home and didn't wake me up this morning to work out. I was kinda glad, but also kinda like, "aw, man! he doesn't wanna do aerobics with me ..."

No. He'd just done something else.

He went to the store on his way home and bought me a lovely card and left it in the car for me to find when I took kiddo to school, so he was just waiting for that. lol.

So I read it, got all weepy, took kiddo to school, went to Big O (oil change and flat tire), watched inauguration coverage, came home and fed the baby, he screamed and woke up daddy, and we talked about the inauguration a bit. He went back to bed and I ran in there and jumped on the bed and snuggled him and said thanks for the card. He thought it had somehow fallen down or something because I didn't say anything first. hehehe.

Then baby and I went to DisGrace's and talked about the inauguration and President Obama and the former President Bush a bit.

And off to the in-laws to visit YSIL ... BIL was there and he was excited to see baby, too, and MIL and FIL came home too, so they all got to see him. They hadn't seen him since the beginning of December so he's changed a lot. Good visit. :)

Came home and talked with hubby again (man, I feel like a dork; he got woken up by us all day), picked up kiddo, fell asleep with baby for two hours, made dinner, hubby went to bed (and baby screamed again, lol) ... bathed baby, put him to sleep, and I'm supposed to be working. But I'm hyper.

Between Chore Wars and President Obama's inauguration, I'm having a hard time settling in to type tonight. hahahaha.

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Rockelle said...

I love that you Finally put up the picture.
Does you hubby work nights?
I am assuming so since he trys to sleep all day.
What a day yesterday eh!