Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

1. My mom. I have been trying to get kiddo's Christmas dress done since, well, before Christmas. I am not that experienced of a seamstress, so I finally just threw my hands in the air, nearly threw the thing in the trash, came to my senses and asked my mom for help. She's altering and hemming it while she's here on a visit. Thankfully. (mutters about sewing with satin and stupid patterns and bad measurements)

2. My dad (gasp). He's fixing my knives and sharpening them up for me while he's here. See, my big carving knife he made me had dings all up the blade, and I asked hubby what happened. "I dunno." Okay, so I'm blaming myself because it didn't fit in my knife block so I've been putting it in a drawer (oops) without a sheath (because we lost it). Turns out, hubby used it to open a COCONUT and used the blade side, not the back of the blade. But he wouldn't admit that to me for fear of getting in trouble with ME, but admitted it to my DAD. Y'know. The former law enforcement officer. who likes guns. and knives. and handcuffs. who intimidated hubbers when we got engaged. *snicker* I guess I'm scarier than dad, although ... he does have to live with me. hehe

3. Experimenting in my kitchen with various ways to cook chicken breasts (hubby's in another competition and doesn't eat red meat when he's trying to shred down to a certain weight). Tonight was spicy garlic lime chicken, inspired by a recipe I'd used before but couldn't find. I liked it better than that one, and I'll post more on my other blog (and foodies) when I get the recipe exactly how I want it.

4. DisGrace. No reason except she gets why I was crying today. *sniff*

5. Hubby. EVEN THOUGH HE DESTROYED MY KNIFE (lol), when I got home from lunch with my folks, I was crying again. He tucked me into bed with the baby and told me I'd feel better after a nap. He was sweet about it, and he was right. Woke up nearly 2 hours later feeling fantabulous. And then I made dinner and we watched a (stupid) movie together. He went to work, and I'm getting to work, too. But we had a date of sorts tonight. Not the one we'd wanted (not enough time to get to the sushi place), but time together just the same.


Kristina P. said...

That garlic lime chicken sounds so delicious!!

MamaBear said...

guess i shoulda named lala after YOU, then maybe ida made the list! (JK!)

glad you're thankful. m-wa!

stewbert said...

hahaha ... that definitely would've put you on the list ... *that* week. hehehe

The Boob Nazi said...

I want sharp knives.