Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday whats-its

As some of you know, we've mostly been co-sleeping since the baby was born. He was fine in his bassinet until one night I was too tired and fell asleep with him in bed while feeding him, and then he started throwing up in his sleep and choking, so I just kept him in the bed with me. I'd sworn I wouldn't do that again because Kiddo still tried to be co-sleeping even after we got married. She was 7 years old and hogged the whole bed! lol.


I tried putting Mojo in his crib last night. We lasted until about 2 a.m. Lots of crying and loneliness, and he was just as bad. lol.

Hubby came home this morning, upset about some rumors at work, so we talked for a bit. After he realized how sad I was (I had freaky dreams about leaving the baby and Kiddo in the CAR in the SNOW to sleep! and when I came back, my family was taking care of them until I was ready to have them again! NOT GOOD!! aaaaaaaaaaa), he said he doesn't mind the co-sleeping except we need a bigger bed so all of us can fit in it, OR we need to get a big bed in the baby's room so I can put him in there and leave without having to move him. I vote both. hahahaha. Hopefully we get a tax return -- thinking buying a big bed for our room and putting the mattress to the bed we have now in baby's room on the floor.

I'm still going to put him in his crib every night though. He has to get used to sleeping alone at some point, right? hahahahahaha.


On to the fave five or something ...

1. Finally feeling like I have a few friends in my ward. One of 'em called a couple days ago wanting to learn to crochet, I went over and helped her pick a pattern, she bought her yarn and stuff, so we're working on that today.

2. One-armed BIL coming over after work to help us with the crib since I kept breaking the height adjustment pieces. Either I'm an idiot or the plastic was just too old and brittle, but he did get it together without breaking it further. (i have ordered parts now, never you fear!) One-armed BIL is a neato dude and I'm glad my sister married him. hehehe

3. Feeling more awake *without* tons of pepsi and caffeine in my system. I haven't talked about my resolutions much because I haven't done any of them perfectly, but I am making improvements in most of them. I am down to a can of pepsi a day and when I walked kiddo home from the bus stop yesterday, she told me to slow down. *that* hasn't happened for a LONG time. Like since she was a toddler.

4. Renewed my temple recommend Tuesday. Gotta get the stake presidency to sign it Sunday, but wahoo!

5. Happy baby smiles first thing in the morning. hehehe

FYI, I love my kids and hubbers and would never leave any of them alone in the car in the snow or otherwise to sleep or anything else. *sniff* just remembering the freakiness of that dream is making me cry. The end.


oh just ehu. said...

WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO for #4!! Plus, you live near my FAVORITE Utah Temple!!

#1. I'm glad you feel like you're gaining some friends. It always helps to have friends in a ward! :)

steph k said...

it's mine too, ehu! I think you need to move closer to it!! ;)

oh just ehu. said...

Whoa! Are you serious?! I totally trip on the existance of our friendship.

MamaBear said...

one-armed BIL? LMBO

stewbert said...

i love that temple too. got my endowment there and later got married there.

mamabear, disgrace has been calling him one-armed D for a bit. he still doesn't have full use of his arm after his surgery.