Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And the candy chicken is ...

GOOD! Kiddo gobbled hers up, hubby ate some before I even came home from my haircut (it was done, but we left it on warm until dinner time), and I rather enjoyed it too.

Plus, the rice I cooked in hubby's rice cooker turned out all fluffy and delish ... that thing is the new favorite appliance in this house.

Soooooo ... haircut. Tilly is the name of the gal I love to have do my hair. She's a sweetie and I really like her, and even though she takes a while to cut it, it always looks good. She does an awesome dye job, too, but we skipped that this time. I'll go buy a bottle later or something. lol.

Anyway. I was at the salon with her when hubby texted me for our second date (yes, he really did, and I really said yes, and we're really happily married, lol), and she did my hair for the wedding. I hadn't seen her in over 2 years because she had a baby and quit working at the salon, but I have had my hair done a few times in between by other people and never loved it because we lost touch. Then, we ran into each other when Mojo was just tiny (less than 2 weeks old). It's taken me this long (5+ months) to call her for the cut, and she had a baby in October (when I saw her, she was obviously pregnant).

She's never seen my hair this long.

I had her chop 5-6 inches off, then she layered it.

I LOVE it.

I didn't tell hubby I was doing this today, but when he saw me come in, he said, "Oh, I like your hair!" Kiddo said, "I liked it longer." Dork. lol.

To sum up my day:
Haircut: Good.
Dinner: Good.
Snow: BAD. I hate snow. I got stuck in front of her house. Twice. *sigh*
Temple recommend interview: Done.

I'd better get to work. I'm not done with that.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I'm so not looking forward to the snow when I go back to Utah on Sunday. But for right now, I'm pretending it's warm and sunny there!