Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Star Wars song -- and moosebutter

I know we all saw the clip with Corey lip synching all the parts. these are the original dudes -- hilarious, well worth watching again because ... well ... just watch it.

And at the end, Wes (top left) sings a clip from a song I sang at the party at which we had them come and perform. I doubt he remembers, but it struck my funny bone.

P.S. Thanks for the previous discussion. I don't lay awake at nights worrying about it, but when I had tried to plan ahead and get gas, some woman swooped in and stole my pump -- the only available one at the station I usually go to, so I gave up. It was a crappy day and I didn't feel like waiting or finding another station, so hubbers got gas Sunday morning on his way home from work, which is another ox in the mire. Just wondering other people's opinions.


steph k said...

you shoulda punched her in the face!!

stewbert said...

Trust me. It was a temptation. But both kids were in the car ... so ... no.