Saturday, January 24, 2009


My cousin's wife had a baby shower today. I'd never met her, but sort of figured I'd be the only cousin there (her sisters-in-law were there). I was at first, then another cousin's wife showed up. She left early, so I was it again. (DisGrace wanted to go but had to work).

I think our family has grown so huge, it's hard for people to go to every.single.thing. I have close to 50 cousins on that side of my family and a lot of them live locally. So ... yeah.

I have been pondering reserving our clubhouse to do a family luncheon once a month or so ... and today, plus starting facebook this week and realizing how out of touch I am, I realized I probably ought to get that going.

What is all this leading up to? I sure wish I knew ...

Anyway. Chore Wars is kinda fun -- I'm actually motivated to put laundry away and do stuff around the house that I've been meaning to get to ... because I get points. HAHAHAHAH. I realize this makes me even more of a geek, but I think I'm okay with that.

Ooooooooooo ... Discuss this: Is using your debit card to purchase gas at the pump (not going inside) at a station that is closed on Sunday breaking the Sabbath? After all, no employee has to assist you so you're not making anyone else work on the Sabbath, but you are purchasing something on Sunday ...


evitafjord said...

I'm going to say yes, for 3 reasons:

1) at our pumps here, someone still has to be in the store to authorize you/have the store open/turn the pumps on. I've seen the ones that are fully automated like an ATM, but we don't have any locally.
2) aside from causing others to work factor, pumping gas isn't hard, but it's also not lovely or pleasant and has the potential to be quite funky, especially if you are tempting fate by doing it on Sunday. It's not conducive to the Spirit - of course, neither is driving, but that's likely unavoidable if you want to go to church. Well, maybe YOU can walk, but if I tried it, it would be even less spiritual. :-P
3) gut feeling.

Chickens going across my lawn this morning, rooster and 3 hens.

evitafjord said...

Oh, and I'm jealous. I have a huge cousin population too and we used to all be really close when we were younger and lived near, but now we're spread from coast to coast. They are having the first reunion in about 9 years in CA on my birthday, but I don't think we're going to make it because tax money is going to home repairs. Wah.

steph k said...

I've bought gas that way on Sunday before - but mostly because I didn't plan and that's bad... and the station is always open anyway...

So now if I go up to Brigham, I make sure I have gas (even if it's cheaper up there) and if I go see the Boy, I tell him we can't drive around a bunch. It works. :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm not exactly the one to ask. Today, I only went to 45 minutes of church, I went out to eat, and I went to a rated-R movie.

I'm going to hell.

(OH MY GOSH! Best word verification EVER! homies.... hahahahahaha)

MamaBear said...

imo - if it matters to ya, you should be planning ahead so you don't need to buy gas. if it comes up where you couldn't plan it, you don't have much choice, so it's an "ox in the mire."

sorry, i've got better things to worry about. whether i'm going to hell for impatience and whether i'm ever going to have a happy marriage. glad you have the energy to worry about this! lol