Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fave Five

1. My RING! It's here! I took pictures of it on my hand , but need to upload them from the camera and, well, that's not happening today. but it is just as pretty as this picture. it's more demure than my engagement ring, smaller, but I love it and it's not going to stab the baby.

2. Playing cards with DisGrace and her family. That was a lot of fun.

3. Catching up with friends. Kaje called yesterday to remind me about her son's baptism and we got to chat for a while. I am sad though because I didn't get to see Jess and her family while they were in Utah. *sniff*

4. The baby found his toes. It's so cute to put him on his back and watch him grab both big toes and try to get them in his mouth. Yes, I have pics of that too ... le sigh.

5. Eyedrops. I tell ya, they've been really handy since the baby puked *in my eye* the other day. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Rockelle said...

hey...that was always my complaint about my wedding ring too!
Stabbing the babay...he he he...

The Boob Nazi said...

See, I'll be complaining about how SMALL mine is that it doesn't stab the baby enough.... But I'm just crazy.

stewbert said...

i still love my original ring and hope to wear it again someday (after we're done having babies and I've dropped some weight), but wow, I love this one too. hahaha.

Kimbooly said...


I'm so excited now that I realize who you are.

AND that you're the one who's on "Losing It," that I wanted so much to share w/ another friend in Houston (well, now she lives in Arizona).

Hope you don't mind me lurking on your site(s). It tickled me pink (didn't ya notice my pink face?) that you have lurked on mine, especially recently! You'll have to tell me if you like my new playlist option (and then the rest of the times you can just turn it off if it's annoying!)

stewbert said...

LOL. Yeah, I'm glad to get the pieces put together with who you are. hehe.