Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Did okay last week, not the best. The chicken nights were great, spaghetti and glop normal, and Friday ... I forgot to start the ribs on time, so we had the soup Friday. Saturday, I did the ribs; no gravy for the biscuits because hubbers used up my beef broth in his lunch one day (oops). Sunday, we had leftover soup. The brown sugar chicken made plenty of sandwiches during the week; I'll freeze half next time I make it. Also realized I need to plan a crockpot dinner for Sundays because of the 1-4 church schedule.

So here's the other thing. Having menus planned *even if I do them a different day* takes away sooooooo much stress. I know I have stuff in the house to make any meal on the list. And I'm using up my almond milk, so I might go buy some goat milk (which is like $4/quart) and try that in biscuits and cornbread and other things I've been making.

Totally craving burgers and roast; wonder if I'm anemic. lol.

Spaghetti. Duh. some form of veggie.

crockpot chicken and brown rice (i'll probably use wild rice instead)

Garlic guacamole mushroom burgers on french steak rolls. Yes. Really.

Jambalaya with smoked sausage

salsa chicken black bean soup and corn bread muffins.

Breakfast for dinner (sausage, hashbrowns, pancakes or waffles)

Crock pot french onion roast, ramen, frozen veggies (comfort food, what can I say?)


Hubby said to me this morning that our fridge was moaning like a ghost. Because it's empty. lol. Good thing I went to the store after that. All the proteins I purchased were on sale -- pork roast for $5, beef roast for about that, ground beef (not lean) for 1.39/pound ... some cube steaks for next week and a flank steak for the week after. I usually hit the local grocery store during their huge meat sales once a month or so but haven't been for a while. So we definitely needed today's trip.

*EDIT: I started this post Sunday, which is why it shows that date, but I did NOT go to the store until Monday morning. I feel better now.


evitafjord said...

What time should I be over for dinner on Wednesday? That sounds fantastic.

I think I'm going to do a Taco Stew this week. The recipe was mysteriously lying out on my bread box today. It's a sign! Roast on Sunday too - I didn't put in a crockpot meal and even though we have earlier meetings, I don't feel like cooking - we had waffles for dinner last night. In fact, we almost always have breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights, unless I use the crock.

stewbert said...

bwahaha. 5:30-ish.

I like taco stew/soup. the rest of the family ... not so much. *sigh*

I love breakfast for dinner.

I don't mind cooking after other meeting times, but sometimes we do go over to the in-laws on Sundays (not lately though) and that's fun because I don't have to cook. Fun for me I mean. Not them.

The Boob Nazi said...

I wish I could plan meals like this. Sometimes, I want to be married so I could cook all those meals. I'm jealous.

Kimbooly said...

This is SO awesome.

I actually broke down Monday morning and created a list of dinners for this week and made sure I had the ingredients for them, and it really, really, really does make a difference. Even though we ate later than planned tonight, it's so nice to know that tomorrow (the one day a week I teach piano) I am doing a 'healthy' crockpot chili (kidney beans, chili packet, diced tomatoes, and ground turkey) and that Thursday we can eat the major stir fry leftovers from tonight, with only adding a side dish.

I am so proud of me.

But way more proud of you. You even POSTED about it. Kudos, kudos!

stewbert said...

Julie, there's other reasons to get married ... bwahahaha. :P

Thanks Kimbooly. I'm proud of you, too. :D