Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I'm Grateful For Part Two

At the second hardware store last week, I saw a former neighbor of mine. She didn't look like she'd changed at all in the 13 years since we met! Not fair. We only talked for a few minutes, but she did tell me she'd divorced the guy she was married to when I lived next door to her. Oy. He was SUCH a flirt and said inappropriate things all the time to me back then, both before and after I married my ex-husband, though it was worse before. I always felt bad for her, because I knew if I'd said yes, he would have cheated in a heartbeat. Shortly before she left him, I'd run into him at Hollywood Video and, foolishly, gave him my number. He called me a few days later for a booty call. Yeah ... Even though I was single at the time, it was not going to happen. MEN. He never called again.

Not that I'm glad they divorced, but I am glad she's no longer in that situation where her husband disrespected her so publicly. She was always such a sweetie and deserved oh so much more.

Guess what? So did I.

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