Saturday, August 7, 2010

Part the Fifth

Monday morning, I got up with the kids and went to two hardware stores to find the stuff to make the dryer hose work. We also stopped at the Hostess outlet store down the street and bought bread and donuts. Brought the stuff home to the husband, who decided to keep sleeping, and I went to bed with the babies. We woke up around the time the husband did, and he went to work on the dryer. It finally (!) all worked correctly, so he got our appliance dolly (man I'm glad he bought that a few months ago) and moved the washer in.

The cold water faucet started leaking badly as soon as he turned it on.

Around this time, we also realized we hadn't had very hot water since Saturday night, when I took a shower.

So I called the landlady and she called her husband. He told her he'd actually turned off the gas to the water heater on Friday night to let off a bug bomb. The apartment had been vacant for a month because they held it for us, and it grew bugs. Anyway. He said he would come fix it after work. He got home a couple of hours later, which was a couple of hours early for him, and he took care of the water heater but had to go find "guts" (his word) to the faucet.

When I realized that the water heater had not, in fact, been heating for 24 hours before my shower Saturday night, I realized that the Lord must have known how desperately I needed that shower, because there was plenty of water for a longish shower. Thankfully.

Finally, finally, around 5 o'clock Monday, the landlord was able to get the water all fixed up so we could start washing clothing. By 10:30 that night, I had washed 5 loads, and dried and put away 4 of them. The dryer was drying things much, much faster than before, probably because of all the lint I'd cleaned out of it!

Monday, the husband also told me his CPAP machine was overheating, so I called the medical supply company. They told me I needed to take it to them, get a rental for $25 a month, and they'll send it back to the manufacturer to find out how much it will cost us to fix or replace. Because we're made of money and all that.

Things seemed like they were finally settling down at that point ... And then we realized Tuesday was Kiddo's birthday, she had to get registered for school that day, and the internet and cable folks were supposed to come over that afternoon to get us all hooked up. That left no time to go clean or finish packing the old place. *sigh* So much for having a plan.

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evitafjord said...

Yay for laundry!?? :-)

I'm about to email you and ask which school she's going to. One of my friends teaches there, though I'm thinking she might be teaching more like 3rd grade now.