Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Churchy stuff

One of our goals when we moved was to go to church every Sunday, as a family, no matter how tired the husband is. (unless we're sick.) Oh, and we knew we wouldn't go that first Sunday, the day after we moved and still didn't know where our clothes were. So, we've all gone the last two weeks. Little Mister ran right into nursery the first day and didn't look back at all. Before, he freaked out if I left him in there. He'd scream for 15-20 minutes, and I'd go back and get him. It was horrible. Kiddo has actual girls her age, enough for their own class, and there are quite a few young women and enough young men to bless and pass the sacrament! That's a first for me since I moved back to Utah 7-1/2 years ago -- I've been in wards where the elders had to do it. And the husband is actually enjoying being in church and learning and not feeling judged.

I'm not saying our last ward was bad by any means. I loved it there. I miss my friends. But I think maybe all the financial difficulties we've had were partly so we'd get out of there and find a ward that is better suited our entire family.

Oh ... California finally fixed the child support problem, so they are no longer double garnishing us. Sweet.

Must go put on the wrap so I can wear the baby and get a few boxes unpacked/sorted/tossed.


SRA said...

Good good.

Kristina P. said...

You are doing better than me! Adam is out of town a lot, working, and I have a very hard time sleeping when he's gone. 9 am church is no bueno!