Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Murphy Was Hard at Work This Week

The moving saga will be spread out over the coming week. Hope you're not all bored.

Part the First

Last Thursday, we took a break from packing and being busy and went to a going away BBQ for my cousin and her husband. While we were there, my sister commented that Kiddo's "cold sores" around her mouth looked like impetigo. She also had sores on her underarm, torso, and knee. Lovely.

Off to InstaCare we went, where the PA informed me that yes, indeed, it was impetigo. With instructions to use topical Neosporin multiple times a day and a prescription for Keflex in hand, we headed to Walgreen's, Sonic for ice cream, the Redbox for a movie so I didn't freak out, and then we went home.

I'd intended to pack that night, knowing I still had a LOT to do, but ended up snuggling grouchy kids all night. I watched 2012 while they slept, but if I got out of bed, they fussed. That was quite helpful.

Friday, I took coolers full of food from our freezer to the new place. We also purchased some frozen foods (with hubby's discount from work) for the weekend so I wouldn't have to cook from scratch while we were still moving, and so we wouldn't spend a small fortune in more fast food, and we put that in the freezer as well. Filled the fridge's freezer completely full and took some to the old place for Saturday's meals. I packed as much as I possibly could that night.

The husband called off work Friday night and spent the night/morning packing and moving boxes and furniture to the garage, so it was completely full of stuff, and I'm sure his efforts helped things along the next day.

Saturday, we woke up to the power being out. That plan to use the frozen food? Yeah ... not so much. No way to cook it. We had to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Awesome.

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