Thursday, August 12, 2010

15 Things I Learned Today

1. The doctor's office will not have the correct essential medical testing equipment when you go in for the second time in 2 weeks because they didn't have it at all the first time. They assure you they have it two days earlier on the phone, so you go in and wait. For a long time. While being texted every 2-3 minutes by your 11-year-old. They will have ordered something you can't possibly use because it's made of latex, to which you are allergic, and which the doctor's entire staff knows. They will have to track down a silicone version instead and call you when it comes in. This item in silicone is something they've never heard of, so you're wondering if this is really ever going to work. This appointment lasted nearly 90 minutes. Last time's was over an hour as well. If the next visit fails again, I'm billing them for my time.

2. Toddlers will poop and give themselves diaper rash when Mom accidentally took ALL of the diapers and wipes with her to the doctor's appointment.

3. Relief Society presidents and friends are fabulous to come through with diapers and wipes and bring them to the 11-year-old and 15-year-old babysitting the 2-year-old. The girls still had to change him though.

4. 15-year-olds will take what you say literally. When you say, "Just put together boxes and put Kiddo's stuff in them," they will pack everything in boxes. Even trash. (But you won't care *much* because it got done and you didn't have to do it! and you can fix it while you help Kiddo unpack.)

5. Adolescent girls will come up with ways to get paid in ways you never imagined for helping around the house. We are probably minus a bunk bed and mattress, and will need to get Kiddo a new frame for a twin bed. lol At least it will fit in her room better.

6. My car locks automatically as soon as you turn the key, whether the engine turns over or not, and that is something you should tell people who have your keys. KC didn't know that and locked us out of the car.

7. Husbands will come to your rescue.

8. Husbands don't like being called multiple times when they're driving in heavy traffic.

9. When you feel like you need to check your bank account before you leave for the day, you'd better do it or you will find out later that an unexpected bill came through the account the day before and you are now in the hole by over $100. And they aren't done charging their NSF fees.

10. Zions Bank will post cash deposits the same day, even after 5.

11. Zions Bank is about 2 blocks from our new place.

12. Husbands don't like being told, "It's leftover night," when they didn't like the dinner in the first place (hence the reason there were leftovers).

13. When Mommy is grouchy, kids cry and husbands hide.

14. The husband's computer has a new virus on it. I wish he'd quit reading manga.

15. Moving is hard on 11-year-olds, too.


Katie said...

Life sucks sometimes, huh? Sorry. It sounds like a typical bad day at my house. Where all the bad things seem to happen one after the other. :(

SRA said...

I've banked with Zions since I moved here and haven't had any problems. I figure if it is good enough for the Church to deposit all the tithing, it's good enough for me...and it has been.