Friday, August 6, 2010

Part the Fourth

In keeping with our fabulous weekend, our furniture doesn't really fit in the living room. Especially the entertainment center. It's too tall. It's been living in our garage with the VCR for 18 months, so we are just going to get rid of the entertainment center. So, Sunday evening (yes, breaking the Sabbath), I was desperate for a break from all the commotion and took the kids to Walmart while the husband was sleeping. We looked at entertainment centers and TV stands and didn't find a thing I liked or wanted to pay for and lug with all the kids with me. I did purchase a few other things, like new hampers for our huge piles of dirty laundry since the dryer still wasn't hooked up, and the washer was still taking up the dining room/kitchen. And I bought a small upholstery steam cleaner so I could clean up the couches Lu gave us. Plus Little Mister has been having poosplosions almost every day lately. I'm thinking something in his diet is bugging his tummy, so we're cutting out things again to see. *sigh* We had to buy more shorts for him over the weekend because we couldn't get them washed.

When we got home, I put the TV on a small side table I had from a million years ago and put the VCR on top of it. It is working for now, and the kids are thrilled they have "new" movies to watch. Kiddo has been watching all of her favorites from when she was little. Awww. I tried to put the dryer hose on but it wasn't working. At all. I left it to the husband to take care of when he got up. He couldn't make it work either. Fantabulous. I did vacuum out the bottom of the dryer and the front of it where the lint trap is, as well as the "hose" which is really stiff/flexible aluminum. A LOT of lint came out of all of that.

I should mention here that all around this, I've been unpacking and organizing and moving stuff around the new place so that we feel like it's home. Little Mister loves the new "house," which is what Kiddo told him it was, and he seems to have adjusted just fine. Kiddo loves having a smaller room and less cwap. It's easier to keep it clean. Derrrrr. The husband loves the kitchen, and we're loving the set up for him to have a darker, quieter room, and me sharing with the babies mostly. That wouldn't work for every marriage but it's helping ours because he's less grumpy with the kids, both of us have nice beds to sleep in, and I'm not angry because of his grouchiness or his sleep being off making my schedule off. Haha. Plus, when I do want to sleep without a toddler, I can and do still sleep in the other room. Yep, I'm the one living in limbo. Wooooo!

We gave up on the washer that night with the plan to head to the hardware store Monday morning. Yay for having a plan!


kadyb said...

There are times when I wish for a room of my own, too. Yay for being able to sleep!

Wonder Woman said...

So if we actually move, I'll give your our entertainment center. It's a small plywood thing from walmart 7 years ago, but it still works. Has shelves and cupboards. I bet it'll fit.

I'm glad you're all loving the new house!