Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part the Second

One other thing I should mention ... Even after multiple trips to Walmart and various other stores which may or may not be trying to take over the world, I have not remembered to get a router, so my internet time is limited. I wrote all of these posts on the laptop and had to save them to a flash drive, then copy them from word to here. Don't ever say I don't love you.

Anyway. On to Part the Second

After the husband went to McDonald's and got everyone sausage biscuits for breakfast, Lu called to say Virgil could help move the king sized bed she was giving us, but he could only help right then. Lu is Virgil's sister, and Virgil is married to my sister, DisGrace.

I met Virgil and Lu at the new place and we got the bed set up. I the new mattress pad and sheets on it so it would be ready that night. Then I drove back to the old place and had a nap with the babies, after instructing Kiddo to finish packing her room. I hadn't slept more than 4 or 5 hours a night for the previous week, so I really had to sleep. She "forgot" and read Calvin and Hobbes for 2 hours instead. Which meant when the husband went to take down her bed and get the dresser, he couldn't, so that's all still at the old house. Wonderful.

The husband and I took the kids and got the truck. Then he drove to get his brother, and The Architect showed up to help load the truck. They all worked really hard around the antics of Little Mister and Kiddo while I kept packing. Yep. Still packing. We have way, way, WAY too much cwap. After Little Mister fell off a skateboard and hurt himself, I took the kids away to get dinner for everyone, took the food back to the guys, and took the kids to the new place so the babies could go to bed on the king bed. Kiddo wanted to wait until the truck got there so she could help unpack. When the guys got there, all 3 kids were still awake (grrr) so they "helped" unload. Little Mister's shoes were missing so he kept stepping on rocks in the driveway and crying. They unloaded really quickly, then headed back to the old place for another load (yes, really).

I finally got the babies to bed and started on unpacking the kitchen. Kiddo went to bed too. Virgil, Dizzy, and KC showed up to help unload the next truckload, but when the husband got back with it, he had wisely decided that 10 p.m. was too late to unload a truck when your landlord lives above you and you share a driveway. (And Virgil got his internet nickname from the conversation we had that night. Bwahaha. I'm not nice; it had to do with teenage trauma. But he doesn't read the blog so whatever. Teenage scarring continues.)


Kristina P. said...

Things are chaotic!

steph k said...

we have a router you could buy from us if you want... but it's brand new and I think Molly paid $60 for it? I don't even know.

kadyb said...

Moving is such fun. So is having a teenage daughter (for Virgil). :)