Thursday, August 5, 2010

Part the Third

Sunday, Virgil came back over and helped unload the truck. I'd been able to bake biscuits and made eggs and sausage for "Stewbert McMuffins" as Virgil dubbed them. So we all had breakfast and Virgil went home. The husband and I, once again, loaded up the kids and took the truck back. Little Mister panicked when the husband got into the truck until he realized we really were following Daddy wherever he went. He thought it was funny when we pulled up next to him at the stoplight before the U-Haul place, but got so angry at me when I pulled out before the husband! Poor kid.

I should note that because we picked up the truck so late in the afternoon, they told us they didn't care if we kept it all night as long as it was back by 9 the next morning. We dropped it off at 8. As of this writing, I do not have the internet so I have no idea how much they charged us, however.

After dropping off the truck, we went back to the old place to pick up a few things that I needed, including the other plug to the dryer. I'd kept it all this time, figuring at some point we'd move and would need to change it out. I am smart.

When we got back to the new place, I tried to put the power cord onto the dryer, but the dudes from Sears who had installed our new dryer had really, really tightened the screws and one of them stripped when I tried to get it out. The husband, fortunately, was able to get it out and replaced the cord when he got back from the old place (with a whole bunch more stuff). While he was working on that, I noticed Little Mister was limping around, though he was still walking and running all over the place. I washed his foot off and noticed some bruising on it and around the ankle, and it was pretty swollen. So off to the InstaCare we went AGAIN because it sounded like fun.

The wait was over two hours.

Did I mention I had a toddler, a new baby, and a grouchy 10-year-old with me?

Unfortunately, while we were there, the husband called to ask me where the dryer hoses and clamps were. Since I wasn't the one who took it out of the utility room, I was pretty sure I didn't know where they were, or if I did know where they were, he wouldn't like the answer. He went back to get them and went to see his parents. About an hour after his call to me, I got a call from our former neighbor, saying something in our house was leaking into their garage (condos, ugh). I called the husband back to see where he was. He'd left, so I called her back and (cringing because I know the state of the house, and it was UGLY) gave her the garage door code so she could let herself in and see if she could find it. It was apparently the washer faucet and she called the HOA president to come help her fix it. I asked her to call me back if they needed me to go up there, but she didn't, so I'm assuming everything turned out okay.

Fortunately, after a large series of x-rays, because they were worried Little Mister might have hairline fractures or a greenstick fracture of his tibia, he checked out just fine and we came home. Where we all fell asleep. For 4 hours.


Wonder Woman said...

Oh my gosh. What a saga. I'm trying not to be mad that you didn't call me. I could have taken you dinner that night, had kiddo sit on my couch instead of the ER...

And we HAVE to hang out at least once down here before I move!

musicmom said...

WOW!!!! You are my new hero. Who new moving would be such an adventure? And to do it all with a newborn. You are truly amazing. I sure hope your unpacking and settling go a lot smoother. When it is all over with, you definitely are deserving of a vacation!