Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Broken

Not exactly broken. How about torn? My ankle has been hurting for a while and swelling not going away. Driving makes it worse. Walking makes it worse. Standing makes it worse. It's really bad when the 2-year-old hangs on it. So I went (driving) to the store yesterday (walking) and bought a cheap wrap (standing) so I could put it up (hanging on it). I also called the podiatrist and made an appointment for today because that is just not okay.

He asked me to tell him how I injured it. Is it so sad that I could not remember what I'd done to it? I remember that I'd twisted it twice last week while packing and cleaning the condo, but I couldn't recall specifics of the injury.

They took x-rays and it's not broken, but the ligaments are torn. Awesome. I have a (more expensive) brace now and instructions to stay off of it for a few weeks, and to go back if I'm not better in a month. Perfect.

To add insult to injury (ha) I finally remembered how I did it. I stepped on the mini trampoline to step over a gate to get behind it, only I slid while I was stepping. That prompted me to move the trampoline, gate, and couch. Then, while I was taping boxes closed, I stepped into the middle of a roll of packing tape. Awesome, eh? I am a klutz.

I'd take pictures of my swollenness, but my son broke my camera this morning. I don't know if it's fixable.

And I broke my sewing machine the other night. Pardon me while I go cry in my Coke.


Jillybean said...


I mean, at least your foot will eventually heal.....

SRA said...

Yeah...your sewing machine is a source of that is NO GOOD. :(