Sunday, August 8, 2010

Part the Sixth

We did get her registered, and we ended up having to go to the old place to take the trash out, and I quickly gathered up some things that we were missing (silverware, for one). While there, we discovered that the solution for the leak from the HOA president was to just turn off the water to the condo. YAY! No potty and no washing hands available!

After we left there, we grabbed lunch and went to the bank, then off to the cell phone store for Kiddo’s birthday present (which made her year) and I was due for an upgrade. Then we headed home to let the internet folks in. After they left, we had ice cream at Cold Stone with DisGrace and her spawn, and then back to the apartment so the landlords could get it appraised for their refi. Then we went to Subway and picked up dinner. After we’d eaten and Little Mister went to bed, Lu dropped by for a load of empty boxes and helped me move the furniture around (which the husband doesn’t like and wants it back how it was), and Kiddo said I could go to the store and leave her home with a sleeping Little Mister.

I got about 10 blocks away before I had to come home because she was freaking out at being left home alone. Which is about how I figured the first attempt at her babysitting alone would go.

Which is why I still have no router. And I’m out of baby wipes. And we’re out of milk.

Up next: Immigration! WOOOOOOO!!!