Monday, August 25, 2008

We went to church!

Seriously. All four of us.

Color me shocked.

Hubby hasn't been for a year? I haven't been regularly for quite some time. First I was sick with the baby, then I kept getting migraines, and then I ended up on bedrest. I'm feeling much better now that he's OUT. lol. Kiddo goes randomly, but we've all been less active for a while.

I took kiddo on her birthday 3 weeks ago because she really wanted to go, but I left her there with the primary pres who brought her home. Hubby has been saying for weeks/months he needs to get his butt in gear and do the right things. Not that he's doing wrong things necessarily, just not doing the right ones. So after I had the most horriblest nightmare the other night about me being married to someone else and being completely miserable, he decided he really had to go. So we all went. He took care of the baby during sacrament and sunday school except for the time I took the baby into the mother's lounge to nurse him (seriously, 2 rocking chairs for wards this big with each ward having between 18-30 new babies and/or pregnant women? HELLO!). Then he went home and shoved stuff into other rooms so there was room for the home teachers to come in the house. And he stayed awake and visited them. Wild.

Kiddo was so excited to be at church and stay the whole time, AND to get to go home wtih me. lol

Our ward has been split 3 or 4 times since we moved here 3+ years ago, so people who haven't seen me in forever (remember, I was on modified bed rest for the last couple months of the pregnancy) were wondering whose baby it was, or if they assumed it was mine, they wondered how that had happened without them knowing. lol.

As for me, it felt really good to be there, even if I missed the bishop's talk because we were gabbing in the mother's lounge. Oy. It was nice. I've missed it. I just hope we all *keep* going. Baby needs to be blessed sometime soon, dear ... No pressure though. Except there is some since my folks are coming again in February and I'd like for the baby to be blessed before that or during their visit ... lol


kaje said...

I'm so impressed by your Kiddo! She's such a good kid and sets a good example for her family and other people around her! (I'm not saying I'm surprised, I just mean that mine is never happy to go to church!)

I'm happy for you!

stewbert said...

I knew what you meant. She is a good example, especially to her mom. lol. Remember when we lived together and she told me to quit going to the singles ward and go to the family ward because, "Families are supposed to go to church TOGETHER!!!"? hehehe