Wednesday, August 20, 2008

random updates

After Mojo got out of the hospickle the second time, he was sleeping fine in his bassinet by himself ... until I passed out while nursing him one night. After that, he didn't want the stinky bassinet anymore. lol. Well. This morning, he was being a booger about eating well, so I ended up nursing and giving formula, and then he was fine. Put him in his bassinet, turned off his light, and left his room. He laid in there for quite a while, just looking around and scooting (he turns himself in circles). After an hour or so (with me checking every 10 minutes), he fell asleep. SCORE!!! He slept for about 2 hours before he got up to eat again.

Well. While he was sleeping, since work was slow coming in today, I cleaned the kitchen (a major feat once again), put stuff away, changed the laundry, showered, got dressed (even wearing a bra!!! lol), put on MAKEUP, and even ate breakfast. And I worked a bit but that was slow (as I mentioned). My line counts have been up though this week, and I'll have plenty to do this afternoon.

I put the stroller together yesterday and took Munchkin to activity days, going to walk to Auntie Voodoo's in a minute. I'm feeling almost back to normal. Squeeee!

Munchkin got up and showered and wanted to kiss on her brother, but I wanted him to sleep as long as he could, so she just kissed him in the car when she got out at school. She got to brag on her brother at school yesterday and showed him off at activity days in the afternoon, so she's happy about that too. And she *loves* school this year so far.

Hubby seems to be doing better as well -- the CPAP is really helping him not hurt and not swell up, and his moods are better controlled. He started the Lamictal again, too. The hope is that with the CPAP he won't need as high of a dose as he was on before so hopefully he won't have the side effects he was having.

Small Fry called late last week. She started playing the same online videogame her dad and I play. Mock me if you wish, but we can now actually keep in touch with Small Fry through the game (we can chat live or send emails or whatever) ... which is awesome. Hopefully it continues, but her mom is a gamer, too, so I think she'll keep up the account (they share it). She's doing okay and sounds really good when we talk to her on the phone or online.

Mojo is calling, I have to go potty, and it's time to go for our walk!

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oh just ehu. said...

Awww, I like Munchkin. I wanna kiss on a baby too!! I bet he smells so delicious!