Wednesday, August 6, 2008

celebrate good times, come on!

Okay, for future reference, if I preface a post with NAK, it means I'm nursing at the keyboard (or maybe just holding the baby), so ignore typos and lack of punctuation or capitalization.


first things first (only because this happened first today), Bug is officially back to his birth weight as of today, and no longer needs oxygen. These are both great things. The first means he's getting almost enough milk from me since he's not taking catheter feeds every day even (although he did take two last night), and the second means his blood is getting oxygen now all the time, even in the car seat. WAHOO! I don't have to lug a stupid oxygen tank with me everywhere I take him! We're very excited about both things.

Secondly, we had Kiddo's birthday party tonight. Swimming at the clubhouse, presents, cake and ice cream, and a movie in the clubhouse until it was over. Steph came and held the baby after Daddy called me all panicked because he was screaming at home without me. Daddy came to the party after that too, which was great. Kiddo's friend from school came, as did all of her local cousins and aunts and uncles (except hubby's brothers, which is okay), and grandpa and gramma (daddy's folks). she got a bunch of crafting stuff and money and candy and a sleeping pad which is purple and matches the Hannah Montana acoustic guitar daddy and I gave her. The kids were all pretty well behaved, so that was nice. Mojo did try to nurse (grandpa ran as soon as he realized I was going to try to feed him, even though I used a blanket over us), but hates blankets on his head, so he had to wait until we got home. Then Steph watched Mojo while I ran back to the clubhouse for a couple of things we'd left and picked up the mail. Mojo officially has a Social Security Number -- which was really really fast! He's not even 3 weeks old yet. Go SS! lol. Hopefully we get confirmation soon that he's on our insurance too ... that would really be awesome. don't wanna pay the $6k in hospital bills he's already racked up, please ...

okay, it's time to wake up hubby for work. hugs and confetti all around.


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Trina said...

To alleviate the "hates blanket on head" issue for Mojo, have you heard of a hooter hider? It's a wretched name for the stupid thing, but all of my friends with new babies swear by them. They surfaced in my social circle after Marnie was already done nursing (she weaned early because my milk production never really got moving), so I've never used one. But I probably will with my next baby. You're crafty - you could probably even make one. Pictures and all here:

Neck strap for you, and a wire to hold the fabric out away from you so you can look down at him and his head/face aren't covered. They're also light-weight so they're not too hot in the summer.

Hope this helps - have fun!

stewbert said...

Thanks Trina. I have heard of those -- might have to look into it more.