Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fave Five

I've been pretty depressed this week with baby blues/postpartum depression, down about my weight and looks, depressed about our finances, depressed about our house not selling and the baby's room not quite being ready, etc., but was feeling better today until my brother called with extremely bad news about the baby his wife is carrying. And now I just want to cry more. So this is kind of a downer post, and more of a gratitude thing than a "faves".

I'm grateful my baby is healthy, even though he decided to come so early. I'm grateful I have him in my arms while he's sleeping, that he can nurse, that he screams at me when he's frustrated, that he pukes and poops and pees everywhere (he's done all 3 on me at some point this week), that we get to clean that up and do laundry and take care of him. I'm grateful my husband and I were married in the temple and that he does have the desire to be active, that if (heaven forbid) something else had been wrong with Mojo and he hadn't made it, that he still would be sealed to us. I'm grateful for a supportive and loving family, especially my mom and DisGrace, who are there for the good things as well as the bad, and for in-laws who are respectful and do their best to help, even with a language and culture barrier. I'm grateful for my sweet husband whose main concern these days is MY health and making sure I'm okay emotionally and mentally. And his secondary concern is his own health. I'm grateful for the doctors and nurses who took care of us both times we were in the hospital, essentially saving Mojo's life the second time. I'm grateful for my ward family, the respect they showed in not asking to hold the baby or really see him as they do know he has had some problems. I'm grateful for the prayers offered on our behalf by our family, friends, ward, and our realtor, whose nephew was born early and has even more severe problems than our baby (although his were able to be remedied with surgery). I'm grateful for an extended family who has shown love and support and understood why I didn't attend Gramma's funeral. I'm grateful Steph came down this week and that she's still my friend even though the Boy doesn't like me (with good reason, I might add). I'm grateful Mojo is off the oxygen and catheter feeds and is doing well and healthy. Most of all, I'm grateful for the Savior and His Gospel and the love He has for each of us.

Dinner time. Hug your loved ones today, okay?

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