Monday, August 4, 2008


This might just be my new favorite fairytale/romantic comedy, no matter how weird the premise of someone being cursed with a pig nose may be. Why did I lurve it? Reese Witherspoon plays a hilarious second, Christina Ricci was awesome as the title character, and Mr. Tumnus ... er, James McAvoy was an awesome Max ... and the kiss was so sweet/hot ... awesome.

Anyway. I give it two thumbs up, and we let Munchkin watch it too. She loved it as well, and hubby was entertained, too.

Other movies I've rather enjoyed lately (old or new): Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Stranger Than Fiction, A Knight's Tale, and more, but Bug (mojo) just called me ... so ... i guess i'm done for now.


Kipluck said...

I totally want to see this one and haven't yet!

kaje said...

oh! thanks for the recommend. I added it to our Netflix list... so we may see it sometime around Christmas. ;-)