Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fave Five!

After the services yesterday (which were quite lovely, actually), we went to lunch at Golden Corral. Hard to find things to eat without milk, but I hope I managed (although I think I got something because of Mojo's icky messy diaper last night). Came home and made peanut butter bars (with almond milk in the frosting instead of regular). Then I went to Mel's house for a girls' night last night. Took Kiddo and Mojo and we had fun. Kiddo is all excited to have a new friend or two (Mel's oldest is a year older than her, and her second is a year younger) who also play WoW (yep, they jabbered about that for a while). And we got to look at pretty jewelry from lia sophia (which I didn't know was happening, but hey, it's all good -- and Mel, I didn't bring a catalog home but had meant to so I could show something to hubby for me for Christmas but wouldn't be able to buy it yet anyway, so if you're doing another show before then like I think I heard you say, lemme know).


Fave five from this week.

1. The Gospel and the knowledge and comfort we have of families being together forever. We'll see little Joshua Gordon again someday, and as the bishop pointed out, his exaltation is sure, so all he has to do is find a wife "and hey, he might already be dating someone from the Renaissance era or something." lol.
2. The company I work for. LOVE them. They have been so great this week.
3. Wearing my baby. I have 3 slings/wraps to wear him in, and depending on his mood, I can wear him while I'm working or doing dishes, and yes, have even cooked with him in one (the thick duck canvas one, so he's protected). Love wearing him in a wrap when we go to restaurants and stores; no one can touch him. lol
4. My husband. I dunno, I just love the guy. Even with a week like we've had where we had a bad fight one day and have been lovey dovey the rest of the week, I know he lurves me and I lurve him right back. He even kissed my chappy lips last night. hehe. I burned my lips with something that had been contaminated by the product that had burned them *last* week, so he told me to throw out all the lip products I have and buy all new ones. I don't think he knows how much that would really cost ... but I won't be throwing out or replacing the lipsticks anyway as I rarely wear them these days. Just the glosses and balms.
5. My family and extended family. It was great to see all we saw, even under the circumstances, and it was so easy to feel the love we all have for each other.

My baby blues/postpartum depression have lessened a lot, so I'm feeling a lot better today. I have to get to work though -- hoping to work two hours before baby wakes up to eat, and then we have to get to the school for kiddo's open house so she can meet her new teacher. *mwah*

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oh just ehu. said...

ok, I shouldn't read your blog after midnight...I get confused easily..."Wearing my baby" I was thinkin' you meant 'Weaning my baby' like off the boob-which I thought was super early to start doing that, I was so confused. Ok, I should just go back to bed!!