Monday, June 2, 2008

"modified" bedrest, and an update

This really means I'm in bed as much as I can because any time I work or sit or do anything for more than an hour or two at a time, I get hit with contractions. They aren't super bad all the time, but I did have one just a few minutes ago that took my breath away. I'm trying to figure out where to get a bedside table like they have in hospickles (only less expensive) so I can work from bed.

As far as Small Fry goes ... Hubby decided we weren't bringing her out here for the summer. After he explained his reasoning, I completely agree, and am entirely at peace about this.

Just to recap: After not hearing a word for 2+ months, we sent a card to her gramma's house. We'd been told previously not to contact the gramma at all because of how things are between her and Small Fry'smom. They called the Wednesday after we mailed it, and are now living in a motel after an apartment fire and some drama involving the landlord. They had "lost" our phone numbers. Again. Which is why we give it to them every dang time we talk, but whatever. Small Fry's mom hung up on hubby because he was pushing for full custody, so we figured we weren't getting her even for the summer.

Small Fry texted me Friday to tell me school is out this coming Wednesday. Wait, what? So I tried calling Friday and Saturday and finally texted her mom that I need to talk to her about the text ... So after two hours of phone calls and texts Saturday night, her mom lying to me, me calling her on it, etc., that's when hubby said NO. With the pregnancy and baby coming and and money and gas and plane tickets being how they all are ... and how stressful last year was with the girls fighting and Kidlet being a different kid altogether the entire time Small Fry was here ... and the fact that we tapped out our financial resources to get her here last year and then suffered through hell for 6 weeks ... He said it was just too much and we need to take care of *our* family, because as long as she's living with her mom, she'll never really be part of our family. And with the lies her mom is feeding her about him, the fact that Small thinks her dad is always mad at her or hates her isn't coming from us, the lack of rules she has with her mom and disrespect she has for both of us, etc., it's just too much. I did tell Small Fry we're not having her for the summer and she says it's okay. Munchkin got hysterical, but that was to be expected. She, however, slept through the night for the first time in weeks that night. I think she was stressed about it, too, even though she wants to see her sister. And ... hubby has been doing better, too.

MoJo is still kicking like crazy and wiggling all the time, so even when I'm having contractions, I know he's doing okay. He's going to be a big boy -- he's got his feet in my lungs and likes to poke my bladder constantly, so he's already pretty tall. OH, and the other day at the hospickle, he moved away from the heart monitor and started hiccupping, so all it was picking up was the hiccups. So cute. Really funny. He already has his definite likes, dislikes, and personality ... lol


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