Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Tim McGraw. The guy he pulls onstage was roughing up a woman, according to a news segment I saw. He was escorted out by security. Tim, you are my hero. lol.

2. Cheddar Jack Cheez-its. Yum.

3. The most comfortable item of clothing I own these days is a stretchy black skirt I bought from Old Navy before I ever got pregnant. It is NOT maternity but fits quite well and still has room to grow, amazingly enough. I love it. Wish I'd bought 6 more so I could have a clean one to wear every day of the week. lol.

4. My niece, Ra. I asked if I could borrow her Fabelhaven books (she loaned me the first one earlier in the month), and when I showed up at my sis's yesterday to pick up Munchkin, she handed me a big bag full of books. Not just Fabelhaven, but Artemis Fowl and some other fun stuff. Wheeeeeeeee!

5. My awesome friends -- throwing/attending baby shower (tomorrow, squeeeeeeee!), bringing books and movies and presents for baby and goodies for mama, cleaning the house, taking Munchkin so I can rest ... I love you all.

And if I had a 6th thing for my FFF, I'd say bribery. Bribing kiddo to do the dishes and laundry and picking up around the house ... ahhhh ... I'm such a good mom.

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