Thursday, June 26, 2008


Got the most random email from my husband's baby sister the other day (she's 23 I think). I'd sent her an email asking for her folks' address for baby shower invites, and her response was:


Haven't heard word one about the guy from her, let alone anyone else in the family. The only person who knew they were serious was the married sister in Spokane. None of the brothers really knew. She hasn't responded to my demand to SPILL yet. But the sister did give me some info, and the oldest brother at least gave us a name ... lol

Confusion. I'm seriously going to have to come up with code names for all of them ... I have code names for almost all of my own brothers and sisters and their spouses ... hmph.

ANYWAY. Hopefully he's going to treat her right, 'cuz otherwise hubby says he'll be breaking the guy's fingers.

Soon-to-be BIL, be afraid. Be very afraid.


oh just ehu. said...

Just his fingers? I thought he was Tongan?? I would think it'd be a lot more. Hmm, your hubby's a really nice guy.

stewbert said...

*snort* He'd *start* with the fingers. Even though he's a black belt and Tongan, he'd give the guy some chance to straighten up ... ;)