Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Timing

So, I'd asked Prism to come over last week and help clean my house because it's driving me crazy, and I know she can use some cash to get back home in two weeks. We decided Friday was a good day just in case we had a weekend showing of the house. She came yesterday and while she was here, the realtor DID call with a showing 2 hours later. So I had her stay and do more than I'd planned on having her do, and the house looked pretty good when we all left. I was trying not to overdo, but had to put stuff away and pick up things and whatnot, so ... yeah, ended up with contractions half the night. Sucked. *Sigh* I couldn't sleep, so I finished kaje's favorite book, Watership Down. LOVED it.

Recorded Camp Rock from Disney last night for kidlet. She's watching it now ... guess I should make/eat some breakfast or something. *hungry*

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