Friday, June 27, 2008


awww ... a friend of mine (Stephanie) just dropped by (with her 5 kids -- very well behaved! totally impressed, hadn't met them all at once before) to give us a gift since she won't be able to come to the shower tomorrow. She embroidered the little dinosaur on the blanket, then crocheted around the edges. SO cute. Hard to tell in the picture, but there are little blue stars on the front and stripes on the back. The outfit is overalls and two different stripey shirts. LOVE them. So boy-ish. lol.

Should've taken pics of Stephanie and her kids, but didn't. The older four went to the park with DD while we chatted and her 18-month-old got into everything he possibly could. Which she apologized for, but I thought was great -- shows me what I need to baby proof! hehehe. WE've known each other since we were 12 but haven't seen much of each other since high school ... realized how much I miss her. awww.

These onesies Steph brought by a while ago ... LOVE them. They are so cute. The first one is the alphabet, but says "I heart you" in the middle of it ... and the other one is a little truck that says "vroom vroom" on it. And there's a pair of stripey pants that matches both onesies. Too cute ... can't wait for baby MoJo to get here ... see what fits and take pictures of him in them! lol

anyway. I gotta get to work!!!

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