Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hubby had only felt the baby move the one time, but we were snuggling last night and I put his hand on my belly, and MoJo kicked lightly. I said, "Did you feel that?" and then MoJo slammed his foot into daddy's index finger -- hubby didn't even have time to answer me before MoJo made sure his daddy felt him. Hubby was so excited to feel him move again. It was so cute.

Hubby was being silly yesterday right after I got home from the doctor but made me cry. He said something like, "From here on out, I love you." He was laughing while he said it, but I was like, "So what have the last 2 years been?" *sniff* "You knocked me up before you loved me?" lol. geeze. He doesn't usually tease like that, was just in a weird mood. So a few minutes later, we were talking about nightmares and how he has this one where he's suffocating. I said, "I guess I should quit putting pillows on your face." lol. I guess I was still a tad irritated with him. *snort*

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