Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sleep *whine*

I'm so tired all the time, but I can't sleep or don't get good rest or kiddo wakes me up or the baby whacks my bladder ... so I slept about 4 hours interrupted last night ... when hubby got home from work late, I was working and then just had to sleep. He was so nice and took care of kiddo so I could sleep for a couple hours. Well. When I got up, I had the worst pain in my neck and shoulder. I guess I slept funny, but uh, Tylenol didn't touch it and now my hand aches. He finally got to bed around noon, but didn't sleep very well either. He has a lot of sympathy pregnancy symptoms, which are sort of funny, but sort of not.

Anyway. I ended up falling asleep on the couch again later after I got done with my afternoon shift of work (which sucked rocks -- the servers keep crashing and dying), and if possible I hurt worse now. I may take some more Tylenol and go to bed early, but I need to get a couple more hours of work done. Which, given who I'm getting tonight, may take longer than a couple hours. *sniff* But I need some SLEEP. Good sleep. I know I won't get any after MoJo makes his appearance, but ... come on! You'd think being as exhausted as I am all the time, the sleep would be at least good! *sigh*

I guess I'm done rambling and whining today since I'm not making sense.

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