Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fave Five!!!

Apparently, today is about FOOD. I'm pregnant. Hush.

1. Guacamole burgers. I cooked last night and made these, since hubby went to the store yesterday instead of today. LOVE them.

2. Lean cuisine chicken alfredo. Okay, the family sized dinners are the best, but the little individual ones are okay, too. BUT, I doctor them up a little with about 1/2 Tbs of grated cheese and about 1/4 c of frozen peas, which I throw in when the box says "open and stir" and then let them finish cooking. I realize this makes them have slightly more calories, but it also gives me some veggies/fiber. RIGHT?

3. Starbursts. They were on sale and I've been craving them. I've gone through nearly an entire bag.

4. Lunch at chili's with DisGrace the other day -- yummy salad (I had the cobb, she had the quesadilla explosion), time with my sister, got to see Dizzy and Bru, and kiddo had fun seeing her cousins.

5. Lemon creme filled cookies. Same story as the starbursts. lol.


so after all that crap with dell, hubby finally calmed down enough to say let's just keep the replacement computer. i just sent the computer back through DHL and the driver was supposed to sign the receipt, and I thought she did, but when I looked at the tag after she left, she didn't. she was marking the weight. BAH.

And I've emailed and called the customer resolution guy over the last couple of days, trying to let him know what we decided to do, but he hasn't responded. Now I really need to talk to him because we did just send it back and I refuse to pay for it if DHL loses it. Boogers.

Of course, on the "reminder" letter they sent, it doesn't say to make sure DHL signs the receipt, so I might be okay anyway ... hmph.

AND, yay, we're going to the doctor to get new drugs for hubby today. Squeeeeeeeeeee!


oh just ehu. said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE GUACAMOLE BURGERS!! Do y'all have "Island's" up there?? Oh my gosh, they have the best Guacamole burgers!! Heck, the best burgers-PERIOD!

Ooooh, I loooove starbursts too!! YUMMYYUMYUM!! And then sometimes I pretend I'm 15 again and I unwrap it with my tongue and teeth.

stewbert said...

I dunno about Island's. I just make 'em at home.

And I thought about doing that, but didn't. lol

evitafjord said...

I want some of each. MMMMMM guac burgers. I forsee the purchase of avocados with my school supplies tomorrow.

stewbert said...

lol. i'm so evil. bwahaha.