Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pregnancy Update

At my OB appt last week, my blood pressure was a tad elevated (I may have mentioned this but can't remember right now), around 130/80. The doc asked me to get it checked this week, so I went this morning and did so. It's still elevated, but the bottom number is creeping up. So I'm now on twice weekly visits, one just to check BP and the other for the full visit. Until and unless it hits around 140/90, they are probably not going to do anything.

MoJo is doing fine although he has definitely run out of room, and aside from the foot swelling that will not go away (bah) and the stretch marks upon stretch marks which are now both horizontal and vertical (sob), I'm okay too.


oh just ehu. said...

When I went to the ER on Monday, mine was 168/80---but then again I was nervous as heck to be at an ER.

stewbert said...

Yeah, that's a high top number.

They just don't let pregnant women stay pregnant with elevated blood pressure because it is a sign of preeclampsia, which can lead to eclampsia/toxemia, which can and will kill both mother and baby, and the only way to avoid those complications at that point is to deliver.

oh just ehu. said...

Dang, glad I wasn't pregnant!!

stewbert said...

Yeah ... me too ... you being single and all. Presents a whole new world of complications right there. ;)