Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

All right, Katie and, I'm going to try and do this, even if I end up making things on different days. I usually just pull stuff out of the freezer/pantry/food storage and make whatever. Like last night: Hubby had asked for parmesan-crusted fish and spinach and he pulled them both out of the freezer the night before, but I had to have a side dish kiddo would eat too. She ate the other stuff, just not much. Parmesan garlic butter spaghetti (like at Old Spaghetti Factory) rounded out the cheesy garlicky meal quite nicely, and we had everything already. Kiddo even helped cook it all -- she helped cut the fish and dip it in everything, she cooked the spinach (in the microwave, lol), and this morning she is shredding up a green apple for apple cinnamon pancakes.

Anyway. If I don't have a plan for dinner by about noon, it's always tempting to just eat out and spend money we don't have on crap we don't need to be eating. Or we have spaghetti with red sauce, which can get old more than a couple times a month, let alone twice a week. lol The flip side of the just winging it philosophy is that we are running out of things in the freezer/pantry/food storage, because even though my wonderful husband does go grocery shopping, he sticks strictly to my list and doesn't look for the same things I do and we are running out of those things (economy meats, noodles and stuff on sale).

Monday: BBQ chicken, scalloped potatoes, veggie mix

Tuesday: Spanish rice

Wednesday: Chicken noodle soup (crock pot, homemade noodles)

Thursday: Chicken wraps/burritos

Friday: Guacamole garlic burgers

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner

Sunday: I have no idea -- I'll have to have hubby look at the meats and stuff when he goes to the store friday. bwahahaha.

In other news, I had my best week at work last week for a long time. Being paid on production makes life really interesting at times. I need to have an even better week this week, but yeah. My contractions are mostly Braxton-Hicks contractions again, which is good. But with the slightly elevated BP and the swollen feet (if you've seen Wall-E, you know what my feet look like: All the folks on the ship), they're sort of watching me for preeclampsia. Wahoo. MoJo is moving a lot though, so I know he's okay. :) We apparently have a tentative showing this weekend, after hubby and I had just decided the house wasn't going to sell, so we had decided to rearrange it all during his upcoming "vacation" (mandatory, as the plant shuts down for about 12 days every July) so it will still work for us after the baby gets here. *if* it sells, obviously we'll just pack instead. If not, we'll be doing the rearranging anyway, but hubby wants to leave it on the market. *scary* lol. (HEHE, baby has the hiccups! lol). I also got to chill with hubby last night and play WoW for a while. I haven't really played in 6+ months, since right before we found out we were pregnant. That night the phone rang and I answered it and killed everyone. Last night, we actually ended up doing the same thing with some of the same people, but I didn't kill everyone, and one of the guys gave me a very nice compliment ... which will make no sense to non-WoW or non-videogame-playing people, but he said I'm a better healer than someone else, which someone doesn't think I'm a very good healer. hahahaha.

Yes. I am a geek.

On the Dell front, after hubby mellowed out and I pointed out it wasn't worth as much mood swings and instability as he was going through, we decided to just keep the replacement computer. Now I need to call them and get the warranty straightened out and call DHL and get the old one picked up, but at least he's made up his mind and is at peace about it. Wow.

Kiddo had two fillings done last week and while she was flossing last night, something popped out of her mouth, so I have to take her to the dentist in a bit. Which means I need to get breakfast made, then me showered and dressed and get the heck out of here. Wahoo.


Katz said...

I'm glad you got to play WoW. I haven't played since Garrett was born. I can't take my eyes off these 2 for a second. :)

Menu planning make everything run so much smoother.

stewbert said...

lol. I don't know that I'll be able to play much after MoJo is born either, but I was really missing it and spending that time with my husband. :) We have friends with a bunch of kids who play, and I can't figure out how they do it -- I mean, their kids run wild a lot, which I can't just do. I still don't play when kiddo is up usually, and she's not a tiny thing!

I know -- I used to do it all the time, just ... not for a long time.

steph k said...

That's why I'm a batch cooker! :D Because if I don't do it, or atleast stock up on veggies and chicken for dinners, I eat out... mmm... I haven't had spaghetti in a long time though... maybe I'll go find a spaghetti squash....

stewbert said...

ha! I can't batch cook ... Someone usually eats it all before the day I'd planned it for. lol

steph k said...

hehe.... TRUUUUUUE.... well... you have more than one person to cook for anyway. :D