Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No fun stuff just yet Steph ... see below ...

At my OB appt this afternoon, my BP sky rocketed. And I was dilated almost to a 4. I've been having contractions, but nothing super painful, so I wasn't too worried. But they sent me to L&D to have my BP observed for an hour or so, and it did drop down to a more comfortable level. I have to do a 24-hour urine collection and go back tomorrow for more checks, and if everything is okay, they'll send me home with a followup for Monday. If everything is okay Monday, they'll be inducing me Thursday, which is the 37-week mark.

In the meantime, I'm on stricter bedrest -- no cooking, no cleaning, no nothing, but they did say I could work as long as it wasn't stressful. I said not having the bills paid would be more stressful than working. lol.

Hubby made sure I heard the instructions and told me I had to behave, and that he would deal with moving the rooms around for the baby. I'm not allowed.

Since the family baby shower is Monday night, I told him I'd go but sit on my butt and not move (unless I have to pee) and we'll be buying Munchkin's birthday cake and things for her party Wednesday.

This is all assuming these contractions don't do more and I end up having him this weekend anyway. Wahoo.

Better go to bed for a nap before hubby freaks out. ;)


evitafjord said...

Holy crap - though at first I was more freaked - July flew by, I had no idea that you were almost to 37 weeks!! Holy canoli, batman.

Trina said...

I was trying to figure out the other day when you're due - I didn't realize it was this close. Hooray for having your baby soon! MoJo is a fabulous name. You're going to use that as his real name too, and not just his blog name, right? (Ha ha) Congratulations and good luck!