Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Didn't do so great last week. Life gets in the way sometimes. We *did* have the spanish rice and guac burgers and bbq chicken that were on my list ... but i changed the days and some of the sides because i'm pregnant. lol. i can't remember what else we did. I know Sunday we had glop/goulash/chili mac ... and Friday we did eat out because hubby's doctor appointment took forever (not the actual appointment, but just to check us in, the gal took over half an hour. Gah).

We did our costco run today. We picked up a whole pizza on sale for $7 and they are HUGE pizzas. Kiddo and I also got chicken bakes. Those are gone but there is pizza left. So ...

Monday: Leftover pizza.

Tuesday: Chicken burritos
(going to make more chicken in the crockpot than needed so Friday and Sunday are a breeze; hopefully hubby cooperates!)

Wednesday: Sandwiches (OB visit in the afternoon)

Thursday: Tater tot casserole, frozen veggies

Friday: Chicken pot pie

Saturday: Spaghetti, frozen veggies

Sunday: Chicken stroganoff, frozen veggies (we apparently have a lot of frozen veggies)

That's the plan STan... hopefully I can stick to it better this week.


oh just ehu. said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE COSTCO!! ALL the food there tastes oh so yummy!! My fave is the stuffed salmon! Aren't the chicken bakes great?! Seriously, I could max out a credit card there! Well, not just on food of course, EVERYTHING'S there!!

stewbert said...

stuffed salmon? is that in the frozen section? 'cuz our costco doesn't serve that. lol.

the chicken bakes in the food court ARE great. the ones they sell frozen are different and I don't like them so much. lol

oh just ehu. said...

The stuffed salmon is fresh, well...I guess as fresh as it could be--basically, it's not found in the frozen section.

I love everything at the food court! Especially the non-fat FroYo! Oh by the way, my bro brought home the combo pizza for dinner tonight. Totally made me think of you!!

stewbert said...

hm. i'll have to look for it. we like salmon. lol