Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fave Five!

hehe, my mom reminded me I hadn't done this yet ... and I hadn't included her gift to me on the last one I did ... well ... I'd intended to post it today actually. I heart you, Mom.

1. THE MOST AWESOMEST NIGHTGOWN EVER!!! My mom made me this fabu nightgown and sent it a couple weeks ago -- big enough to go around my baby belly, but zipped up the front so once Mojo arrived we could breast feed in it. Well. Tuesday night, hubby showed up at the hospickle with it and some other things for me, and I lived in it until we left Thursday morning while we learned to nurse and pump and do all that stuff. (It's in the dryer now after having been washed today, lol).

2. My husband. I know he makes the list a LOT, but what other guy is seriously going to remember pads, makeup, deodorant, the nightgown, clothing, wifey's purse, and a bunch of other random but needed stuff when his baby is unexpectedly admitted to the hospickle? I'd only asked for a change of clothes, and he brought me a ton of other stuff. When he couldn't find the pads at the house, he went and bought some. And bought some razors because he hated the ones I had since I cut myself pretty bad while I was pregnant -- he said, "Your razors are crap," threw them all away, and bought some Venus ones that are awesome.

3. My sister. She came to visit in the hospickle, talked me down from the emotional-ness of the mess we were in, helped me figure out what the doctor had been trying to say about baby not getting enough to eat but wasn't explaining so I got it, came and visited me with Dizzy, and brought me a pump to use at home so I didn't have to run right out and rent one. AND she volunteered to take Munchkin while I was in the hospickle, but since kiddo unexpectedly got left at their house for the labor and delivery and first hospickle stay, kiddo chose to stay home with daddy, who took very good care of her after #4 and #5 happened.

4. My visiting teacher, Erin. Hubby crashed hard after leaving me and the baby at the hospickle. Kiddo was home with him but when he crashes, he can be "out" for a while. So I called Erin and she came and got kiddo until hubby was coherent again. Seriously saved my sanity right then, since I felt like I had to be at the hospickle, but I wanted to be home taking care of all my family and felt very torn in 3 ways. *sigh*

5. The doctors and nurses who took care of me and my baby this week. Especially the on-call pediatrician who admitted Mojo, even after hubby threatened to punch his lights out. Oy. Thank heaven ...

I am so glad to be home now. Oh my gosh. Just remembering everything that happened this week and knowing how much better Mojo is doing after all of it ... He'd gained 3 more ounces at his check today, so the doc and I are both thrilled to bits about his progress.

Have to finish making dinner and get the pumping done. Wahoo! We're home! I'll be a cow for as long as I have to be! Although Kiddo said when I told her I felt like a cow, "Awww, but you're not a cow! You're just feeding your baby." What a cutie. (she's on the list too ... somewhere).


oh just ehu. said...

Awww, bless Kiddo's heart! That's so sweet!!

Oh my gosh, I think your hubby makes my list of awesome husbands!! HELLO! He went to buy pads! I LOVE men who actually do that! Plus he got you Venus razors as well! OH SNAP! HE ROCKS!!

stewbert said...

Yeah, I like him. I'll keep him. hehehe.

evitafjord said...

wow, the razor thing is something David would do, but pads are a stretch. Go Hubby!

speaking of David, he got a new job today - he signs a contract on Monday to teach HS theatre :-) SO EXCITED!!

stewbert said...

Go David!

Maybe I should've mentioned this was actually his second trip to get pads since the baby was born ... the first time, he knew what I wanted, but couldn't find it and bought something that was icky. But he tried, and I was more than fine with that! lol. So a bit later I went to the store and got what I wanted. Then, after the admission, he went to a different store and found the right ones. So he really does rock. hehe.