Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And then ...

Mojo has weaned himself from the catheter feeds almost all the time -- he took two yesterday and two today, so I'd say this is progress from every single feeding. I'm only going to pump when he takes the catheter because (tmi) my nips just hurt too damn bad to do it at every feeding for a while.

I may have mentioned hubby had a home SpO2 study and his saturations dropped to 78, which is extremely bad (meaning, he is not getting enough oxygen while he sleeps). In addition to all of that, hubby started having swelling of his feet over the weekend, and last night had shortness of breath and chest pain (didn't tell me about the chest pain though, booger). And he couldn't fit his shoes on when he went to get ready for work, so he couldn't go in since he wouldn't be able to get his boots on. His feet looked like mine when I was hugely pregnant. Mine are normal now though; I forgot what my ankles look like! lol. He wouldn't let me take him to the ER, but asked me to take him to the doctor this morning. So I called first thing, and they got us in immediately with the PA. He ordered an EKG and chest x-ray, a strep test (for his sore throat), and a bunch of blood work (all of which they did in the office). Strep was negative, EKG was normal, chest x-ray was good (no pneumonia or cardiac enlargement), etc. Gave DH a diuretic to take so his swelling would go down and told him the blood work would be back in a couple days. DH is feeling better now, some 6 hours after he took the diuretic, and can move around a bit easier without getting short of breath. But it was pretty scary and we still don't know what caused the problem ... so ... yeah. That's where we are. Still has his sleep study on Thursday to figure out the degree of sleep apnea and whatnot. Wooo.

I'm not going to ask what else the universe is going to throw at us. I'm just going to cuddle my kids and my sweetheart and deal with what comes as it does.

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