Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random Walmart Happenings

We ran out of packing tape. And the car needed an oil change. I haven't ever used Walmart's vehicle services, but conveniently there is a Jiffy Lube in the Walmart parking lot, so I sometimes take the car to Jiffy Lube and walk to Wally's to shop. We decided to do so yesterday.

So, after meeting with the real estate agent and getting our condo listed and short sale stuff started, we headed to Walmart.

The packing tape shelves were almost completely empty, except for a few very expensive rolls. I think they must have been made of platinum.

I finally spied 3 other rolls sitting on the shelf. They had been part of a package of four; someone obviously needed just one roll and decided to take it instead of paying for all four rolls. They were all unopened themselves and I figured I could get 25% off if I talked to the cashier, so off we went to pay. After getting suckered into picking up a stuffed "Toy Tory" Buzz Lightyear doll. Which hit the floor about 15 times before we got to the checkout, so I didn't end up paying for him. I think Little Mister was trying to make Buzz fly.

I digress.

The cashier had to get permission from her supervisor. He offered me 10%. I said, "It's missing one of the four rolls. Can't I get 25%?" He had to think about it. Maybe it was the screaming toddler. Or maybe it was the fact that I was breastfeeding my 6-week-old infant so she would quit crying. (I was covered up, thank you; I even asked Kiddo to check and make sure nothing inappropriate was visible. You couldn't see my tummy or bra or anything else.) But he did eventually come to my point of view, that 1/4 is indeed 25%, and it was fair and just for me to get 25% off.

If only I'd still been feeding her when I got back to Jiffy Lube. Maybe I could have gotten the coolant for free, since they had to go back and put it in the car even though they'd called and asked permission while I was at Walmart and I said yes but they didn't do it. Wooo.


Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

Ha! What's funniest about this story is that the person who took the one out of the 4 pack probably ended up paying the price for all 4. Glad you got your discount. While we're on the subject, I have major beef with the employees at Walmart. They drive me crazy (not just because I'm being a brat, they really do. I used to work at walmart, so I know how it is to work there. Those cats don't know anything about service).

kadyb said...

Oh, my. Oh, my. What a good opportunity to remind for Kiddo that we do use fractions in our daily lives. :) Oh, my.