Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. I talked with the bank this morning. They said we need to list the house for 90 days as a short sale and if it doesn't sell, they'll go ahead with the deed paperwork and see if we qualify to just turn it over to them. I have contacted two agents about a short sale and am just waiting to hear back. One specializes in short sales and the other one is a wonderful person our family loves to see if she has ever dealt with short sales, and will be listing the house with one or the other ASAP. Why is this on my list? Because the end, though not tomorrow, is in sight. And I feel at peace -- we have a great place to move to that is affordable, and we have to move before we can even try and show this place, so that conversation with the folks at the bank reinforced the feeling that moving next week is the right thing to do. We have loved living here and will miss the neighbors, but are ready to move on. I wish it was under better circumstances, but really feel like we've done everything we could do to stay and make it better and am at peace and excited for our new place and new opportunities.

2. The husband's paycheck today was the best one he's had in a year or more. It gives me hope.

3. The kids' rooms are almost done being packed, and we're taking down the bunk bed and crib this weekend. I am trying to sell both frames; we'll see what happens.

4. The dental hygiene school I contacted said my credits from 15 years ago will transfer. YAY, I don't have to take anatomy again! hahahaha I still haven't figured out how to get to school full time with babies and whatnot, but we will get it figured out.

5. Little Mister's birthday presents. We got him a basketball hoop and a riding toy (thanks Gamma), and oh my stars ... he throws the ball over his head and is making baskets about 6/10 times. He's had it for two days. And when he gets bored with that, he plays on the riding toy. And then goes back to the basketball hoop. "Game! Game!" Best.Presents.Ever. lol

In other news, Small Fry's mom is apparently having a baby. Mom and her boyfriend broke up and she is trying to move to Mississippi in a couple of months. We will probably either A) never see Small Fry again, or B) get her dropped off at our doorstep. We're all having a hard time with either option. [she needs a new internet nickname. she's almost 14 and has her first boyfriend; i don't think i can keep calling her small fry!]


treen said...

Where in Mississippi? And is she/are they LDS?

Kristina P. said...

It sounds like things are coming together nicely.

Rockelle said...

well I hope for the drop on your door option. It wouldnt be esay but of the two....I would rather that!

Wonder Woman said...

I've been thinking about buying some bunk beds. My parents have some they've been trying to get to us, but they're in Kansas and we've been trying for 3 years. Probably not going to happen. I'll talk to my husband -- we might be interested in yours!

The Boob Nazi said...

Good luck moving. Blech

Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

I am super, SUPER proud of you for going back to school. It takes guts. I wish I had your guts.