Wednesday, June 24, 2009

*thinking* part deux

A CNM is actually no longer available at the college where I thought it was, and it looks like that's an industry trend. DNP (a doctorate in nursing) is what is replacing it and several other specialties (PharmD. for instance).

It takes an additional 4 years.

Thinking RN ... maybe ... L&D?

Talked to hubby about it. He said he would support me in whatever I wanted.

Then he muttered to himself something about getting his education, too, so he wasn't relying on his wife's income. haha.


evitafjord said...

I looked into nursing a long time ago but decided it would only work if David quit his job (or the kids were grown or we lived near family who could/would kid-watch or we wanted to put them in daycare or nightcare or after school care) because of the wacky hours he was working. It's better now, but now I want my summers etc. off too. It'd be nice to populate the L&D with mom-friendly nurses though. I know I had my fair share of bitter old hags during my stays. Really only one nurse stands out as NOT a bitter old hag (oh and a couple at the hospital that actually let CNMs deliver, they had great CNMs and nice nurses and one bitter old hag CNM who chastised me for my hemoglobin being in the toilet after nearly hemorrhaging after Emily - ANYWAY), though some of those might have been the same bitter old hag still hanging around. She was the supervisor the last 2 times I was birthing babies. Bitter old hag nurses cramp my birthing style.

evitafjord said...

I just wanted to say bitter old hag one more time.

captcha: tofork. Tofork or not tofork, that is the question.