Wednesday, June 10, 2009

look! I'm a hippy!

I wear my baby everywhere. I wear clothes I make, including really long flowing skirts, lol. I make my kids wear clothes I make. I make my baby wear diapers I make. I don't use paper towels anymore. I use cloth grocery sacks that I made.

I might have a problem.

But you have to admit, this is pretty darn cute. And I'm way more comfy wearing him on my back than front now that he's so big. but yeah.


steph k said...


Katz said...

i love it!

check you out, all Berkley and stuff.

MamaBear said...

he is so stinking cute! and i get to see him and eat up his fat thighs in just a few weeks!

your word verification "ingrane" looks like something TAMN would say. if she'd ever heard it.