Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meanest Mom EVER

So, my wonderful DD has a room that looks like a cyclone hit. No matter what. I can go in and organize it all and the next day, it's back to the same. I've thrown things away, given her deadlines, hubby has made threats as have I ...

So last night, I decided to do a mini Clean Sweep. I made signs that said, "Keep," "Trash," and "Sell". I gave her one hour on her room, told her whatever she wanted to keep had to fit on her bed except for books, which needed to be stacked neatly in her bookcase. Her bed is a full size, so it's not like she has nothing left. haha. She piled stuff on the bed and got the books in the shelves. Then I made her throw out one bag of crap.

At that point, I knew if anything else was to leave the house, I would have to take over. So I gave her a clothing guideline: 10 school outfits, 10 play outfits, but they all had to fit. 10 pairs of underwear, 4 sets of pajamas, 3 dresses, etc. She happily followed them and figured out what she wants and what fits (then saying we'll have to go shopping because lots of it is too small), and then I started throwing stuff away.

I've tossed 4 bags, am on #5 (which is #6 total out of her room), and she started catching me throwing away stuff she wants. So I let her negotiate. She had to pick one item of similar size that she'd saved on her bed to trade, OR pay me money (amount determined per item).

She's out of money.


I have to put the baby down for his nap, might fall asleep too since I'm getting a wicked headache, but then ... I might just go in and throw everything else away. That might get rid of a headache ... *snort*


Kristina P. said...

I think you're awesome.

stewbert said...

Thanks. :D

kadyb said...

Wow. That's even tougher than your mom was. :)

stewbert said...

I know. *sigh*

But her room is still clean. And mine wouldn't have been.