Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Broken Road

Okay, so there's this really sappy song by Rascal Flatts ... wait, they have lots of them. There's one in particular that struck a chord with hubbers and I when we heard it. If you want to listen, here's the video.

Essentially, it talks about all the broken hearts and broken dreams you've dealt with in your life lead you to where you're supposed to be, where you're supposed to go, who you're supposed to be with.

I ran into an ex-boyfriend tonight. He was one of the "others who broke my heart," the first one actually.

I didn't recognize him. I was headed into a convenience store to which I had a gift card (a $5 free one from that company for filling out a survey or something), and flashed a smile at the employee standing there vacuuming the floor. He smiled back and I merrily did my shopping, sprite for the sick kid, then headed back to the checkout. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard my name. It took me a few seconds to figure out who that vacuuming employee was. I haven't seen him in 13 or 14 years -- and we've both packed on some weight since then. (whew -- the last ex-boyfriend I ran into is still rail thin, lol!)

He said my eyes gave me away, because they hadn't changed. As I've thought about it since I got home, I remember him loving my eyes and using that as a pickup line way back when. Obviously, he was flirting with me, although I didn't get it then. lol.

We chatted for a few minutes about divorce (both of us) and a second marriage (mine), sick kids (mine), healthy kids (his), and me not being in the music scene anymore (too much other stuff to do). I just thought about how grateful I am to be married to my sweet husband, this wonderful man who loves me and provides for us. So I got back in the car, "rolling home, into my lover's arms..." Came home and hugged my husband and baby (not the pukey kid, sorry kiddo), saw Steph for a minute, and after I got the baby down for the night, this song popped into my head.

Even though seeing him again threw me for a loop, I'm grateful for him being part of that broken road instead of pursuing me beyond where our relationship ended, because I did end up where I was supposed to be: Right where I am.


Kristina P. said...

Isn't it weird when you run into people like that!

Missed you today! There were a few other kids there so you would have been right at home!

stewbert said...

Blast -- I had a feeling that something was going to come up so I never RSVPd that I'd for sure be there. My daughter woke up sick, sick, sick. I'm sorry! I wish I could have gone. :(