Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

1. The baby. Man, he is just cute and fun and generally well behaved. *most* of the time, he makes me want more kids, too. Only sometimes is that not the case. lol. He was just doing some really cute stuff today that would take a long time to explain and then ... well ... it wouldn't be so cute to any of you.

2. Kiddo is out of school for the summer and dealing with the fact that daddy and I aren't on vacation too. She wants to stay in her PJs all day and not get dressed unless we're going somewhere. Which is okay by me (since I feel the same way, lol), but not with Dad. ANYWAY. She's been playing so cute with the baby recently (most of the time), and just having a lot of fun being a sister and helping me out a lot without complaining (usually).

I sure love my kids. On one of the forums to which I belong, one of the gals there was saying how she didn't like her kids so much and hated that about herself and wanted to change it. I feel blessed that I love them and like them (most of the time) and can be silly with them and stuff.

3. Something I made and posted for a charity auction today got some bids on it. This and the random mom at church asking me to make a couple of cloth diapers for her baby both made me happy that someone wants something I made. lol.

4. The beat in "Single Ladies." Not so sure about the lyrics, or the video (even though those gals can DANCE!), but I LOVE the beat and music -- very catchy.

5. Aloe.Vera. My sunburn from swimming on Tuesday is doing better. (and I bought more sunscreen and aloe vera today, yay!)

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Kristina P. said...

That's so sad about the woman not loving her kids. But it's great she acknowledges it and wants to change.