Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today, I love Walgreens

I didn't take a picture of all of this. So sorry. But between their register rewards and coupons from the sunday paper ... I was able to purchase:

4 big bottles Johnson and Johnson body wash (normally $5.99 each = 23.96)
5 packages of Soleil razors (normally $5.99 each = 29.95)
4 bottles Aussie hair care products (normally $2.99 each = 11.96)
5 trial size Thermacare heat wraps (normally $2.99 each = 14.95)
4 tubes Crest with Scope toothpaste (normally $4.59 each, I think = 18.36)
3 water bottles full of trial sizes
10 halloween pencils
4 halloween pens
2 breath freshener drops
(and I know I'm forgetting something ...)

For $37.49. Saved $78.14, or 68%. $23 of that savings was just from my Sunday coupons, which more than paid for my month's subscription.

I actually went for the razors because they were a steal, then saw the thermacares were essentially free ($2.49, get a $2.50 RR back) ... and went from there. It was a learning experience and I probably actually could have saved more, but I'm fairly pleased with what I did do. I bought enough razors to last a year and basically got just about everything else for FREE.

I would not spend money on stuff we do not like or will not use. I do use the razors, and I use the heat wraps for "that time of the month" when I can't be stuck to an electric outlet on the bed hugging my heating pad. The body washes and hair stuff are for kiddo. We do like Crest toothpaste and Scope, so that was a no-brainer (buy 2 for $8 and get $5 back in RR? well hello there ... it would've been even better if I'd started getting the sunday paper sooner because last month there were coupons for those, too, but um, I didn't.)

Things to note: If using manufacturer's coupons and RR, you have to have one product for every coupon (hence the water bottles and pens and pencils) in order to use them all. And you also do have to pay all sales tax; it cannot come out of RR. So, the water bottles were 49 cents, but I was able to use a $5 off RR for throwing it on there. So make a plan before you go. Most Walgreens get shipments in on Tuesdays here, but by Friday most of the products will be gone. I went Tuesday and learned some things, and then finished up today. By today, one style of the razors was GONE, but they had another style, so I got those. So shop early.

Also, I had to do this in a bunch of different transactions. First, I bought one package of the razors and got $1 back in RR. Next, I bought one thermacare wrap, paid $1.66 and got $2.50 back in RR. Then I was able to use that RR on something else. The cashiers are entirely accustomed to this and don't even bat an eye when you say, "I'm going to do 10 different purchases." ALSO, you can't use a RR for the same product you're purchasing and still get a new RR (like, if I'd accidentally put that $1 back on razors, a new RR wouldn't have printed out).

Next time any of these things go on a great sale, I won't have to buy quite so many of everything, just replace what we've used. Once my husband saw that, he was happy I'd saved so much money and don't have to pay full price for all this stuff.

So it took a little time to plan and do, but I definitely think it was worth it. The money is going where we need it to instead of when Kiddo is in the shower and yells, "MOM! I'm out of body wash AND shampoo AND conditioner!" and having to run out and spent $15 on new products.

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