Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More saved $

First, the couches are still here. Two no-shows mean the guy doesn't get them. lol I'm fairly annoyed but I'm sure someone needs them who will actually come and get them.


Charmin toilet paper
1 gallon milk
2 dozen eggs
8 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes
8 Yoplait yogurt
10 Beechnut baby food jars
2 jugs apple juice
2 Grands biscuits
2 frozen OJ
2 bags frozen french fries
1 package bacon
4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast
4 packages chicken legs
one 7-1/2 pound pork roast

Now, the husband told me not to be bragging about saving money. So I share this purely for those interested in trying to save some of their own grocery bill.

Guess how much I spent out of pocket????

Less than $34. I saved 63% of my bill (approximately - Macey's doesn't break things down the same as other stores). For those keeping track, in two weeks, I've saved about $140, $60 of which was solely in coupons, and spent about $110.

I went to two stores today: Albertsons and Macey's. My plan last week was to just shop at Albies, but they didn't have the best sales. They did have a few things we needed, however, so I used my catalinas (money saved on your next shopping trip) and got yogurt and baby food jars for free, and some apple juice for the baby. I may be going back to use my last $5 catalina for dishwasher detergent. (If I'd remembered while I was there, I would've just done it then -- free dishwasher detergent? I'm cool with that). Then I went to Macey's, where I picked up chicken legs for 99 cents each package and took a coupon with me for $1.00 off any size package of that brand's chicken. The husband loves chicken legs, so hey, 4 free packages? awesome. That's two dinners and leftovers for two lunches for him at work.

I wouldn't normally buy the potatoes since the husband can't eat them (dairy intolerant and all that), but for around 38 cents a box, I'll happily make them for the kids' lunches on the weekends while he's sleeping (thus not joining us for meals).

Now, we have frozen veggies and some from the neighbor's garden still, plus some watermelon from last week and frozen and canned fruits, so never you fear. We are eating more of a balanced diet than just what you see here.

On kiddo's lunch today, I had to share. She loves lunchables, but they are $3-$4 each and I'm just not going there. So I opened a can of biscuits and split some in half (so they were flat like a pizza crust) then baked them and then flattened them some more. I put spaghetti sauce and cheese in two separate containers, then put all of it into one container into her lunchbox (which is insulated) and stuck it all in the fridge with a capri sun to drink. So, for about 75 cents (including the drink!) she got a yummy lunch which she was excited about and will eat.

For tips, see and

p.s. For those out of Utahns (and Utahns, too, I guess), try -- they have stuff for just about every state in a separate forum.


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I really do need to check out that website.

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